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Feeling the strength of the team in the trip to Qingyuan

Time : 2019-08-14 Hits : 30

On August 9, 2019, the second month of the new journey in the second half of the year, the annual tourism season of the Wong Group was also ushered in. The Dongguan team and the Changsha team collectively set off to travel and expand in Qingyuan, Guangdong. Use the beauty of nature to liberate employees' physical and mental stress, and at the same time boost team confidence through team building!In the early morning of August 9, the elites of the HLC team concentrated on going to Qingyuan, China's excellent tourist city and the hometown of Chinese hot springs. After 2 hours drive, we arrived at the destination. After lunch, everyone took a break and went to Red Flag Bay. The village still retains the life scenes and labor scenes of the intellectual youth in the period of 1958 to 1978. The staff of HLC will personally experience the intellectual life of educated youth, so that everyone can feel the bitterness of the youth generation.

Feel the nature and historical development, and the HLC team also conducts half-day development training activities in the scenic area. Make the team more cohesive through three different training course. The HLC employees through the report, in accordance with the order of 1, 2, 3, the establishment of three new detachments. The three newly established squads will internally elect captains and vice-captains and have their own team names, slogans and team songs. In the face of the three training programs, what methods will the team members adopt and how to effectively execute the captain's orders will produce different results.

Through the guidance of the instructors, each team has a strong win-win situation and wants to win the first place in the expansion project. The first expansion activities were in the same foot. The three teams won the runner-up third place in the event through their own efforts. Having a winning and losing heart between the teams is able to effectively motivate the team members' cooperation ability and arouse the team members' unity and cohesiveness, and everyone can move toward the same goal.
However, winning the heart is a double-edged sword. It can drive the team and hinder the team. In the second expansion activity - plum pile, the coach told the team members the rules of the event. The three squad members, holding hands, do not talk through the plum pile, each team has a different starting point, there are different end points, but the same is the team of the three squads have to go through the most central plum blossom pile tied with ribbons, so The obstacles have arisen. When the three teams met here, each of the leading players wanted to lead the team through the ribbon plum blossoms. The inevitable squad members had physical shocks such as push-pull and impact. In the end, no team successfully walked through the plum pile and all failed.
It is not difficult to see from this activity that the center of the ribbon plum blossom pile is just like the benefits we all want to fight for in our daily work. When the teams are desperate and eager to get this benefit, the frictions and contradictions will only drag down the entire team and hinder the company's progress. Through this training, everyone understands the importance of teamwork – learn to work with others and learn to be a gregarious geese, so that our team can fly higher, faster and farther.

What impressed everyone the most was the concentric circle project. Everyone formed a concentric circle and held the rope tightly in his hand. By continuously retreating, the tension of the rope is pulled to the maximum to ensure the safety of walking colleagues on the rope.In order to keep the safety of the partners, everyone can't easily let go, and then they have to be tight when they are tired. Everyone can only walk more steadily if they trust each other and depend on each other!
Concentric circles are the last expansion project. In this project, Mr. Feng Zhaohui, the chairman of the board, also explained the importance of persistence through the walk of concentric circles. Simple games make everyone feel deeply, not only marvel at the strength of the team, but also realize the importance of self-responsibility!

Not too late to feel the power of my team, we are happy to invest in the next day's exciting journey!
On August 10th, we rushed to Gulongxia Glass Grand Canyon, which is the world's first high-altitude sightseeing glass combination integrating glass platform, glass plank road and glass cable bridge. At the same time, it incorporates high-altitude challenges such as 5D rupture effect, glass suspension, glass steps, and volley microsteps. The Glass Canyon is located at the top of the Wanzhang Cliff Waterfall. On the way out, everyone's mood is very happy! On the way to the Gulongxia Glass Grand Canyon, the environment is beautiful and the air is fresh! You can hear the songs of the birds in the quiet deep forest, the roadside is full of flowers, the butterflies play in the middle of the flowers, the busy bees are collecting nectar. Get out of the bustling and busy city and enjoy the peace at this moment, so that the body and mind can be cured.

After feeling the thrill of the glass canyon, everyone came to a dynamic international arena - Gulongxia full drift. This project is a thrilling activity, with a maximum drop of nearly 3 meters along the road. Experience the whole process, or marvel at your bravery. When you are immersed in this game, you don't feel scared. Just keep in mind the safety laws, don't rely on the kayak, don't understand the helmet, grab the rope, and get safe and complete.

The two-stage trip went down, making the team happy and learning a lot of team knowledge. There is no sense of tiredness of travel, through the rest of Sunday. Hewang employees went to work with a passionate attitude and completed their annual goals for this year.