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How does HLC break through the siege during the epidemic

Time : 2020-09-07 Hits : 30
How does HLC break through the siege during the epidemic

The new crown pneumonia epidemic disrupted the pace of development of the manufacturing industry around the world, and more comprehensively disrupted the development plans of foreign trade companies. In the difficult 2020, many manufacturing companies have resolutely turned into manufacturers of epidemic prevention materials, producing the masks and protective clothing that everyone needs most.

Seeing the demand for masks and other anti-epidemic materials in markets around the world, HLC, with many years of overseas trade experience, is a socially responsible company. Actively build a bridge between Chinese manufacturing and overseas market demand, so that more needs can be connected. In February of this year, while domestic masks and other anti-epidemic materials were still in short supply, HLC still eliminated difficulties and took the initiative to attack. Sending anti-epidemic materials to all overseas customers, relieve customers of urgent needs, and open up new markets for anti-epidemic materials such as masks made in China.

In March of this year, with the global spread and outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, overseas customers from all over the world have concentrated demand for masks and other anti-epidemic materials. Inquiries about the purchase of masks and other anti-epidemic materials orders suddenly increased. Faced with this new situation and new demand, hlc made a decisive decision. The company immediately set up a team of epidemic prevention materials to coordinate the delivery of various epidemic prevention materials. Afterwards, the company further increased the management of the epidemic prevention material group. In order to increase the enthusiasm of the members of the group, a PK group for epidemic prevention materials was added to allow the company team to better serve customers through competitive competitions. While meeting demand, it also guarantees the quality of anti-epidemic materials such as masks.


In the face of the epidemic, HLC take the initiative to provide warmth and guarantee to the brothers of customers around the world in a timely manner, in a responsible attitude, HLC has always strictly adhered to the quality control, and the orders for epidemic prevention materials and products have been approved by customers. As a result, new markets have been found in the epidemic prevention and control war, and a new path has been found for the company's development.We do not speculate on anti-epidemic materials, do not rely on fake and inferior masks to make our country difficult to make money.

In 2020, when all enterprises are struggling and worrying, HLC have kept their original intentions but walked out of a sunny road against the wind.In HLC, as long as you work hard enough, there will be opportunities and gains-in the second quarter of this year, The company's epidemic prevention materials team created millions of rewards for itself, and the results were directly reflected in cash.