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Tea Horse Road-72 km Hiking Cross Country Challenge

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【Activity time】November 17th-November 21st, 2020
【Venue】Lijiang, Yunnan



The Ancient Tea Horse Road is a hiking route with the most spectacular natural scenery and the most mysterious culture in the world, and it contains endless cultural heritage.
Crossing 72 kilometers in 3 days, Hewang compatriots challenged themselves, encouraged each other, and walked hand in hand.



3-day trekking itinerary: We pass Lashihai-Wenhai-Dongba Valley-Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. After walking the Ancient Tea Horse Road, a cumulative climb of 2200m is required.
During the walking, the team members experienced extreme temperature difference between day and night, wind and snow, and rare tornadoes in plateau areas。But we uphold the spirit of not abandoning and not giving up, even if there is a severe altitude sickness, we insist on going through the whole course.With the support and encouragement of your peers, we must move forward and constantly surpass ourselves.


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Walking on the old roads made us deeply feel the perseverance, superior wisdom and superb team tactics of the once caravan. This inexhaustible spiritual source and strength has also deeply affected our entire team and set an excellent example for us.