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Our Team

Hardware accessories factory gate

HLC METAL PARTS LTD(HLC) is a professional manufacturer of metal and plastic parts.We are technical in the development and design of precision tooling and the production of precision metal parts (such as precision casting, stamping ,CNC machining metal parts) and plastic parts. We also provide assembling and fitting service of metal and plastic accessories.

HLC Metal Parts Ltd was established in Dongguan, China in 2003. It has a department-business department, engineering department, purchasing department, quality department, merchandising group, warehouse, and factory, forming a series of products from development customers to product shipments. Improve the system.

Dongguan Office

In 2013, HLC established a branch office in Changsha, China, to set up offices for business development overseas customers. In the same year, Wang and Wang entered the Monterrey, Mexico, and sent excellent salesmen to the customers to provide better services. Absorb local talents and lay a solid foundation for subsequent overseas expansion.

Changsha·Mexico office and Overseas sales

In recent years, with the growth of the auto parts market, HLC has invested in new factories in Dongguan, China and Monterrey, Mexico, and established a hardware accessories industrial park in 2018 to complement the Dongguan manufacturing system to expand new markets in Mexico and the United States. . In 2019, we took advantage of the trend, and organized many North American and Mexican market exchange meetings to further open up new markets in Mexico, combine foreign trade manufacturing enterprises, and hold a group.